Color War XIII Recap

Well folks, this years Camp Bisco Color War was one for the record books!! Color War Xlll: The Over Bezerk remixed our classic camp games with the rules from Chardee MacDennis and it did not disappoint! The games were categorized into three parts; Mind, Body and Spirit, the teams had to clear each category before moving to the next and eventually be crowned the Color War Champions! If I could sum up this years game in two words it would be: Cinderella Story! New World Orange (notorious 4th place team) was playing the game so fiercely that they were in First place through the entire Mind portion of the games, I couldn’t even believe the numbers I was seeing on my clipboard! Towards the end of our Mind games being competed, Purple Reign slid into Flavortown during the Bernstein and Bacon-off with a deliciously boujee dish featuring caviar and biscuits only for Greenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to steal the victory away from them with a rustic cheddar bacon bread!

Moving on to the Body portion of the day we saw Blue 808 Bassheads and Purple Reign storm the field going head to head in every battle with the ferocity of feral animals! From our new game Spaga Spikeball to our High Speed River Racer game where we cleared out the entire lazy river, these teams turned up the heat and bulldozed the other teams out of the way fighting neck and neck for the Championship!!

As always, the fuel behind Color War events is heckling, so this year we decided to give each team a megaphone to publicly roast one another and man oh man did it not disappoint, talk about crushing Spirit!

The official ruling on game day was that Blue 808 Bassheads took the win for the first time EVER in Color War history a non Biscuits team won….


There was a Purple Reign espionage and they took control of JRG’s lights and convinced him to use Purple lights instead of Blue to subliminally announce the winner. Shady. Then late night our Founder, Yancy heard tales all the way back in Philly about what transpired on the field and he proclaimed that Greenage Mutant Ninja Turtles should have won Color War for creating the rage stick with Purple Reign’s former Captain, Morgan!!!!

The Ancient Color War Flamingo has spoken and the NEW Color War Champions are:

1st Place: Greenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
2nd Place: Blue 808 Bassheads
3rd Place: Purple Reign
4th Place: New World Orange

PS. The Queen took a golf cart up to retrieve said rage stick to bring it to the second Biscuits set on Saturday and was then left as a gift to Excision fans. Morgan’s pole made some Excision fan very happy (as it should) and he spent the entire last night of Camp running around with the Bass kidZ in rage stick form!!! Prank wars last way past the games, no one is safe!! Until next year….