The New World Orange is ready to bring the Color War Championship back home. As previous champs and being mental assassins on and off the field, we understand all aspects of Color War.. including greasing the wheels of the judges if and when needed. We aren’t afraid to play a little dirty if the tides roll in any other color than Orange.

This year we will be harnessing the energy of our Saiyan heritage so we can unleash the ultimate spirit bomb on our competition. The destruction of the Purple, Green and Blue teams is inevitable because the NWO will be standing victorious over their now broken dreams of fame.


Join the Saiyans of the World as we write our story of greatness into the Bisco history books!



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NWO in the NY Times!

The NWO has become the first Camp Bisco Color War team to be mentioned in the New York Times… or probably any major news source for that matter. Check out the article here.

Color War Events

Cant decide what events you want to compete in? Read up on all the events and view Friday’s schedule. Remember, you can always switch your events on your profile page!