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The history, royalty and prestige of Purple Reign will once again be on display on the battlefields of Montage. We will take to the land, to the seas and to the kitchens to make sure the rightful ruler ascends to the throne. Casey Cashman and Brian Walsh reprise their roles as the peoples champs and are favored to take home their seventh crown. These veterans always have a few surprises and special guests in store. Come join the mischief and become a part of the most successful team to ever don the circle logo!


Cowabunga, y’all! Your favorite turtles with southern charm are back, and the Greenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are gonna cut ’em no slack! We’re a lean, mean, green fighting machine, and we’re ready to dominate the competition. Think you’ve got what it takes to learn our way of the ninja? Join us on the Camp Bisco Color War battlefield as we turn an Uncivilized Area into a sea of Green! Booyakasha!

The New World Orange is ready to bring the Color War Championship back home. As previous champs and being mental assassins on and off the field, we understand all aspects of Color War.. including greasing the wheels of the judges if and when needed. We aren’t afraid to play a little dirty if the tides roll in any other color than Orange.

Team Blue Bassheads will bring that 808 bass straight to your face. We feed off the haters, but in the end, we got nothing but love for them. Bassheads don’t always ride the rail, but given the chance, we will rail your girlfriend. In other words, we come to win. Our goal is a TKO to take home the Shampion Chip. Don’t Hate the 808!!!

PINK HYDRA SQUAD **Benched for 2017 Season
Through blood, sweat, and tears Team Pink has symbolically become the new heart of Color War. We, the battle-tested warriors of Pink Hydra Squad, pledge to leave the competition trounced in our ascension to victory. Like water covers the sea, prepare to be filled with Pink Glory… TEAM PINK!!!