Before there were tough mudders or Spartan racers, there was an even crazier group of vividly-dressed, eccentric sports enthusiasts doing ridiculous things in the sun for just one day of the year. 13 years ago, the first Color War exploded on the scene at Camp Bisco in a wave of green, yellow, purple and orange, and the madness has only grown with each passing year. This ain’t no game of thrones — Color War is alternately a Clash of Chess Kings, a Storm of Dodgeballs, a Feast for Bacon-lovers and a Dance-off with Dragons. Where else but here will you find such feats of strength, guile, intelligence and funkiness, all with a backing soundtrack featuring some of the greatest live acts of 2018?

Register early by clicking here. Or simply show up on the Color War field and get thrown into the action. Either way, the games will last a day, the excitement will last the weekend and the memories will last your lifetime!