Wookery: Camp Bisco Color War Edition

Color War HQ has been bursting with excitement and we can’t keep this a secret anymore!!! This year’s theme of CharDee MacDennis was a foreshadowing for a group of friends that invented a game and then manifested it into something tangible to be played for years to come! This year a game splashed on to the scene on ‘Colorado Big Game Trophy Wook Hunters’ which got the attention of Live For Live Music and we managed to talk the creator of Wookery into making us a Special Edition of the game!!! Camp Bisco Color War was established 13 years ago and we have wanted to try to put together a history book so we could remember all of the insane things that have happened on the field over the years….BUT who wants to read about it when they can (re)play those moments off the field and in their home!!

The games will last a day, the excitement will last the weekend and the memories will last your lifetime!!! -Ancient Color War Proverb